Bianca's story

"When I was in primary school, my sister invited me to St Matts where one of our family friends had first invited her. At a young age I learnt many Bible stories at Sunday School and I remember doing various plays, puppet shows and singing songs for the older congregations. It was a fun way to learn about who Jesus is. As I entered high school, I went on to join the youth group and St Matts Asian Congregation (SMAC). Here, I have been able to witness God’s greatness in the way he has transformed hearts with the amazing news of his son Jesus and how he is continually growing his kingdom today. Week by week, being able to gather together with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as well as those getting to know about Jesus has brought great joy to me and thankfulness to God. Besides SMAC, the whole church community has various events that allows all congregations to come together yearly to share and acknowledge that we are united in Christ no matter what gender, age or ethnicity we are. Personally, I feel this community has allowed me to be more comfortable and open in sharing the gospel. It has challenged me over the years to move beyond just knowing the word of God but more importantly to be living it out.”

- Bianca

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