Inspire Talks

John Anderson 

Have you worried about the world we are handing our children? Former deputy Prime Minister John Anderson reflects on some of the contemporary troubles of this world providing a way to rethink about our world to ensure our children’s hope is not destroyed.

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Andrew Scipione

Of all the important and tough decisions made by a Police Commissioner, how could you determine the most important decision  made?  Andrew Scipione, the former NSW Police Commissioner, is very clear on the most important decision he made. It literally changed his life. Listen to Andrew speak about that decision and the impact it made in his life and career.

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Patricia Weerakoon

Sex - Is it in the air or is it polluting the air? Sexologist Patricia Weerakoon considers issues of sexuality in light of what we’ve seen in schools, parliament and in broader culture helping us discover how God’s wisdom on sexuality help us negotiate the current cultural waters.

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Michael Jensen

Is forgiveness really possible? Michael Jensen explores how we can provide and experience forgiveness in today’s world.

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Ashley Fell

Talk about unprecedented times has been paramount in the last 18 months. What impact do these times have on faith and belief in Australia? Ashely Fell from McCrindle provides eye opening data that gives an encouraging picture of what our friends and neighbours are looking for, and thereby inspiring us to be more confident in bringing Jesus to people.

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Sam Chan

We all crave meaning. But where do we find it? In this seminar, Sam Chan tackles the big question: Why do I matter? He helps us understand why our culture’s answers inevitably leave us feeling insecure and turbulent. But there is hope, and Sam lifts our eyes to Jesus, the One who offers us a deeply satisfying and eternally secure dignity.

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Dr John Best

Are you interested in what winning Rugby World Cup players think about after winning the ultimate prize? More importantly (yes there are some things more important than winning the World Cup)are you interested in getting some clues on how to talk to people about why they should trust Jesus with their life? Dr John Best was with the Wallabies when they won the World Cup and has some very practical insights

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