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Life Death & In-Between: Welcoming Children (IVF) Matthew 18:1-14

Nearly 40 years ago - on November 10, 1977, two doctors – Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe surgically removes an egg from their patient, Lesley Brown's ovaries. Two days later the fertilized egg has developed into an eight-cell embryo, which they then implants into Brown's uterus. Nine months later in July 25, 1978 at 11:47pm local time, Louise Joy Brown is born in Oldham. Weighing five pounds, 12 ounces (2.6kg) and arriving by Caesarean section, she is the world’s first test tube baby, and the delivery is filmed by a government camera crew. Louise is a healthy, happy baby, and her birth sets off a worldwide media blitz.

And so the IVF movement was formed. Is this a blessing or a danger? How shall we welcome children into the world?