Ernest & Simone

As our family began to grow in number, for simply practical reasons, the time came for us to find a more local church. After lots of prayer and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we came to St Matthews and we’ve never looked back. We instantly felt loved when we joined St Matts and we knew we had found our new spiritual home.


Over the years as our family has grown, our needs have changed. We began when the children were little in crèche, through Sunday school and now, they are part of the youth group. For us as parents, being part of a regular bible study group has been really important. St Matts definitely provides long term growth for all of our family. The Lord has blessed our family through St Matts and the teaching and dedication of the church leadership as they constantly seek God’s guidance for his people.

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1 New Line Road,
West Pennant Hills NSW 2125

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St Matthews Anglican Church, West Pennant Hills – Reflecting the generosity of Christ