”…encouraging one another in our journey with Christ...”

After praying for God's guidance in finding us a suitable church, we found ourselves connecting instantly with the congregation and service at St Matts! I was especially humbled by the welcome and support we received from the church members who were very willing to guide and assist us one way or another! 

Being a part of a bible study group during the week, has been helping me grow spiritually as we are able to explore God’s word together, encouraging one another in our journey with Christ.

My kids look forward to kids' church, as the leaders’ incorporate such a variety of activities in their biblical studies and I'm humbled to notice how these little souls acquire the knowledge and love of Christ at such a tender age!

May the Lord help us as we continue in this spiritual journey with fellow men, women and children at St Matts who I now see as my family!

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St Matthews Anglican Church, West Pennant Hills – Reflecting the generosity of Christ