Link Missionaries

  • Jenny Fallon

    Member Care Coordinator for SIM Australia

    Jenny coordinates the Member Care of candidates and missionaries, in collaboration with other SIM colleagues and Sending churches. She also coordinates the Missions Interlink NSW Member Care Network, providing retreats and other opportunities for the spiritual refreshment and growth of cross-cultural workers.

  • Wayne and Helen Mayhew

    Ethiopia with SIM

  • Dave and Beck McIntyre

    Nishinomiya City, Kansai, Japan with CMS

    Dave and Beck McIntyre, and their children Alyssa, Natasha and Mitchell, are in their first year in Japan. Beck and the children are learning language and about Japanese culture, while Dave begins building relationships in the local community. In due course, they will serve at Mondo Bible Church.

  • Steve and Melinda McKerney

    Murdoch University, Perth

    Steve is an AFES Staff Worker and Chaplain at Perth’s Murdoch University, where he is bringing the gospel to students, helping them to grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus. Steve and Melinda have 4 sons Jaidon, Lewis, Ezra and Sheamus.

  • Morgan and Anna Powell

    Arequipa, Peru with SIM

    The Powell's live in the city of Arequipa and are involved in Theological Education in the South of Peru. Morgan teaches in a local bible institute and also helps with the TEE course (Theological Education by Extension) used to equip the believers in the highlands and rural areas. Morgan is also the Team Coordinator for the SIM team in Arequipa. Morgan and Anna have two girls Anika and Lila.

  • Reuben and Chiedza Zivagwe


    Pastor Reuben Zivagwe, supported by his wife Chiedza, founded Living Word Ministries, to take the gospel to their people, the Tonga of the Zambezi Valley along the Zimbabwe/Zambia border. Reuben is Pastor of Mufakose Baptist church on the edge of Harare and they support and minister to orphaned and vulnerable children in Kotwa.


    Pennant Hill & Cherrybrook Christian Education Association

    In conjunction with other churches from our local area, St Matthews supports the Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook Christian Education Association. This group ensures the provision of Christian education in our local high schools by providing financial and prayer support for the educators, Erin Townsend at Cherrybrook Technology High School and Mitchell Albert at Pennant Hills High School.

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St Matthews Anglican Church, West Pennant Hills – Reflecting the generosity of Christ