Mission is a high priority of St Matthews, whether local, national or international, and is one of our core values:

Untiring determination to train, send and support servants of God – Everything we do at St Matt’s seeks to encourage Christians to serve in God’s place in God’s way. We focus on creating a culture where Christians are given opportunities to mature in their understanding of God’s mission in the world while discovering and developing their gifts (1 Corinthians 12:4-7). We want to be a church known for its encouragement to all members to prayerfully consider exploring and entering Christian ministry wherever the Lord leads. Our resolve will include ongoing spiritual and practical support, especially for those who move beyond local ministry.

Visit our Link Missionaries

Mission Resource Group

The Mission Resource Group promotes and advocates for mission and they support our link missionaries and assist the wider church community of St Matthews to be partners in gospel mission by demonstrating and encouraging them to pray, give, care, learn and go.


  • Attend Missionary Prayer Night first Wednesday of each month – New Line Cottage 7.30 pm
  • Receive prayer letters from link missionaries
  • Use St Matt's prayer diaries regularly


  • Direct to Mission organisations such as CMS, SIM, AFES, Wycliffe, Bush Church Aid, PHCCEA (Pennant Hills & Cherrybrook Christian Education Association)
  • Through the offertory, marked “Mission”
  • Take a Bush Church Aid offertory box


  • Join a Support Group for our link missionaries
  • Write, email, skype, send a parcel to one of our link missionaries
  • Visit link missionaries in their location either through short term mission trips or as individuals


  • Attend St Matthews Mission Functions
  • Attend conferences on Mission such as CMS Summer School, Reachout, SMBC, Mission Day, SIM World


  • On short term Mission, e.g. join a beach mission team or join a St Matt's short term mission team to regional NSW or overseas.

  • Consider going on a long term mission assignment.

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